Popcorn Ceiling Removal

When renovating your home, it’s always best to start from the top and work your way to the bottom. If you have popcorn ceilings aka (acoustic ceilings, cottage cheese ceilings), you’ll want to start by removing them first. Many homeowners choose to remove popcorn ceilings because they are not very pleasant to look at, they date the home to the 70s, they harbor dust and allergens.

Are you over the popcorn ceiling fad? Ready to remove and replace the popcorn texture with a smooth finish or to match the texture on your walls? If so, give Father Son Drywall a call — we can provide you with an estimate with just a handful of details, right over email, over the phone or by text message. Prefer an in-home estimate? No problem, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with an estimate for removing popcorn ceilings.

What To Expect / Procedures / Preparation

When undergoing any renovation project, you’ll probably want to know what to expect, the companies procedures and how you can prepare. The same is with popcorn ceiling removal. It’s a renovation project, and the job can be messy. Knowing what to expect, the procedures and how you can prepare helps the job go smoothly.

So you’ve hired us for your popcorn removal, now what can you expect?

1. The job will take anywhere from one day to three days. It depends upon many factors such as: the size of the job, the height of the ceilings, whether there are repairs to be done, whether the popcorn has been painted or unpainted, etc..

2. If your home is furnished, and the crew is working in all main rooms throughout your home, you’ll need to make arraignments for the duration of the job. This is for your safety as well as us being able to move efficiently and get your job done in a timely manner. If this is not possible, please speak with the owner and see what agreement can be made.

3. Clean up after the project is completed is done thoroughly. However, keep in mind: dust is nearly impossible to completely contain and we do recommend if you are sensitive to have your home professionally cleaned and duct work cleaned. Father Son Drywall is not liable for the costs of additional cleaning. To contain the dust, we completely mask the walls, furniture, floors and vents as well as wet down the popcorn.

Phase One: Walk Job-site.

Walk the project and ensure that the description in the agreement meets actual job-site description. If any changes need to be made, they will need to be made before the job commences.

Phase Two: Prepare job-site.

Phase two is all about preparing the site for the removal of popcorn. The entry will be protected as well as the walls, floors, vents, ceiling fixtures and any furniture inside the home.

Phase Three: Remove Popcorn.

In phase three, our crew will wet down the popcorn ceilings, let is soak in, then scrape the popcorn texture. If painted, we may need to repeat the process of wet down, until the water penetrates through. In the case of heavily painted popcorn ceilings, an extra fee may apply since it adds more time, and extra work.

Phase Four: Ceiling Prep.

During the fourth phase of popcorn ceiling removal — our crew will need to prep the ceilings before texture can be applied. In this phase, if any damage was hidden beneath the popcorn, it will be repaired as well. Prepping includes: coating the joints, seams and nails/screws and tight skimming. Please note: if any repairs are needed, an extra charge may apply. Usually never more than $100.

Phase Five: Texture.

Phase five is applying texture, or if preferred smoothing the ceiling. Finishes you can choose include: knockdown, skip trowel, orange peel, splatter, level 4 smooth and level 5 smooth.

Phase Six: Prime Ceilings.

If you’re painting your ceilings, phase six will be priming the ceiling. If no painting, skip to phase eight.

Phase Seven: Painting Ceilings.

We’ve reached the painting phase. You’ll have the option to choose your paint color, which you should provide before this phase to ensure your job is completed on-schedule. If you’re wanting a specific brand of paint, let your project coordinator know before the project begins as well. During this phase, our crew will paint your ceilings with your chosen paint color.

Phase Eight: Clean Up & Walk Thru.

We’ve reached the final phase, phase eight. Our crew will remove all masking materials, drop cloths, and vacuum as needed. Once all materials and debris are removed, we will conduct a walk-thru preferably with the homeowner or homeowners representative to make sure of customers satisfaction.

What You Can Do To Prepare For Popcorn Ceiling Removal

We ask that if you’re unable to meet us at the job-site at the time of start and the end, that you provide us with a key. You may do this by using a lock box, and providing us with the combo. Or meeting at another time, and providing the key in person.

If we’re to paint your ceilings as well, please know your paint color before the start date of painting, which is usually day two or three.

Is your home furnished? Please move ‘movable items and furniture’ to another area of the home not having popcorn removed. If you have easily dropped items on top shelves or not properly secured wall art, we ask that you remove these as well. Breakables should be put away. Don’t worry about moving heavy furniture, if it needs to be moved, we will take care of it.

Do you have light fixtures that you want removed during the popcorn removal? Discuss this with your estimator to see what is recommended. This is not an included service. Having them removed beforehand (if desired) will save time, and ensure your popcorn removal project is completed on-schedule.


When shopping around for prices, most times ceiling removal companies will only provide you with in-home estimates. We understand sometimes you’re not looking to get the job done right away, or maybe you’re just thinking of buying a home with popcorn ceilings and want to know a base amount of what it would cost you to remove the texture so you can figure it in. Regardless, below are approximates of what you can expect to pay.

Popcorn ceiling removal and texture cost
The cost to remove popcorn ceilings and texture will be around $0.75 – $1.25 per square foot. Keep in mind, this is a standard base rate. High ceilings, stories (levels), drywall finish, whether or not the home is furnished, etc… help determine the price as well.

Popcorn ceiling removal, texture and painting cost
The cost to remove popcorn ceilings, texture and paint will be around $1.75 to $2.30 per square foot. Keep in mind, this is a standard base rate. High ceilings, stories (levels), brand of primer and paint, whether or not the home is furnished, etc… help determine the price as well.

Remove Popcorn Ceilings

We’ve done our best to provide you with valuable information about popcorn ceiling removal and to prepare you for the renovation to come if you move forward! We hope you’ll consider our popcorn ceiling removal company locally owned and operated. We are committed to customer satisfaction, quality service and we promise to treat your home as if it were our own, if not better! The business foundation here at Father Son Drywall is strong and built of honesty and hard work.

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