Metal Stud Framing Service

Father Son Drywall is among the very best metal stud framing contractors in the Phoenix, Arizona area. As in all the work that we do, we take pride in being reliable, dependable, and honest. We want our customers to be happy, and we want them to become customers for life. Whether our clients have a residential or commercial metal stud framing need, we offer high-quality workmanship that is kind, trustworthy, and on time.

The framing process is a critical aspect of any construction project. It's vital that the framing is truly plum, level, and square. After all, drywall installation, wood partitions, and even sound proofing rely on accurate and clean framing. As such, we install metal stud frames with the utmost precision, starting with the initial measurements to ensure complete structural integrity.

Vital to all buildings and structures, framing serves as the skeleton of your home or commercial building. While metal framing can be used in many residential remodeling or addition projects, it is especially useful for commercial projects. Since clients need to make the most of their budgets but also need to ensure they are receiving a quality product and quality construction, metal framing is one way to make that happen. Light gauge metal studs are a cost-effective, safe, and reliable alternative to more traditional wood framing, and thus it’s popularity in modern interior framing.

Father Son Drywall is a Three-Generation Drywall & Metal Stud Framing Specialty Company

Father Son Drywall is family owned & operated. We are a third-generation drywall & metal stud framing company that was started in 1970 by Paul Hogan. The trade has been passed down in the family, along with the required skills, tips and tricks for success. But not only that, we have kept up with modern improvements in the business and are well skilled in modern and historical drywall design, metal stud installation, and the requisite repair needs.

Now, Father Son Drywall is operated by Ron Hogan and son James Hogan. On some projects, you will see both Ron and James on site. For larger projects, you’ll work with James and his trusted, highly experienced crew. Our goal here at Father Son Drywall is to consistently grow our company by staying consistent, making improvements (never shortcuts), staying committed to our customers and their satisfaction, modernizing our payment via convenient estimation processes and more.

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