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Drywall Repair Service

Drywall damage is caused by a variety of factors and while it is possible to make repairs on your own, if you want your walls to look like new, sometimes the do-it-yourself DIY method is not the approach to take. Drywall contractors specialize in drywall repairs and are vigilant in the approach taken to the repair, to ensure it is done correctly, leaving the wall both strong and secure.

Your Drywall Repair Expert

Your walls serve a vital function in your home, as they provide support to the roof, ceiling, and upper flooring. Further, your walls are what provide your home with separate living spaces, each designed with a specific function. When the walls aren’t properly repaired, or when they appear patchy or even too textured because an inexperienced person performed the repair, the room becomes a less enjoyable space in your home. In many cases, these poor repair jobs can become quite an eyesore.

You want your walls to look good – more than good. So when you hire a professional drywall contractor for the job, the repair will blend seamlessly with the rest of the wall. This means over time, you will be none the wiser as to where that damaged wall was in the first place. At Father Son Drywall, we are perfectionists about the work we do and take the time to do it right the first time, to make it flawless.

Father Son Drywall Repair Services

We offer a variety of drywall repair services in the event you have experienced wall damage. We understand that so many issues can conversely impact drywall and cause damage, but please know that repairing drywall and making it look like new is not impossible. The common drywall repairs that Father Son Drywall provides to customers are:

• Stress Crack Drywall Repair - Stress cracks are also commonly referred to as wall cracks,
ceiling cracks, or drywall cracks, etc. Wall cracks are fairly common in both new and older residences. These cracks often are the result of normal house settling. Sometimes the cracks are small, no more than 12 inches, but in certain situations, they extend to the full length of the wall. In most cases, these cracks will occur near windows and over doors. When this is the case, these repairs can be made quickly and inexpensively, usually by re-taping the joints (joints are the seams where the two drywall panels come together). In some situations, however, cracks in your walls can represent a larger problem that should be addressed before you attempt to repair the crack on your own. But rest assured, no matter the size of your drywall stress crack, Father Son Drywall can repair it!

• Hole in Wall Repair – This is the most common type of damage that occurs to a wall. Unfortunately, this damage can happen for many reasons such as a door being flung open too quickly and the doorknob punching through the wall behind it (thus the need  for door stops or bumpers being installed on your lower walls). These holes can also be caused when someone punches a wall (yes, it happens) or when tables, chairs, or other furniture are pushed too hard against a wall. Sometimes, this can happen when moving
furniture in or out of a home or building as the corner of a bed frame or other item gets pushed into a wall. In other cases, these holes can happen intentionally due to electrical or plumbing cutouts. Whatever the cause, if you have a hole in the wall, don’t fret as it is repairable, and Father Son Drywall can help. We guarantee quality workmanship as well as texture blending of the finest quality. By the time we are done painting, it will seem as if the hole was never there.

• Water Damage-Related Drywall Repair - Another common reason to require a drywall repair specialist is due to water damage. Left alone, drywall that has become saturated with water will be damaged. The wooden structures within your walls and floors will slowly absorb the water over time. Even the smallest of leaks at the bottom of a wall near the baseboards can soak all the to the top. Damp wood then becomes highly susceptible to mold, which poses health risks to those who live in the home, and also weakens the wood further. This can mean a risk to the structural safety of your home. When you need water damaged drywall repairs – don’t look any further than Father Son Drywall – we will take the time and expend the energy to ensure your walls are properly repaired. But more importantly, we will examine the wood behind the walls and will recommend additional services from a framer should you need any wood replaced.

• Ceiling Repair - Common issues in ceilings include leaks and water damage, flaking materials that develop over time, or popcorn ceiling repairs to create a more even look. In other cases, homeowners wish to replace outdated ceiling styles with more modern approaches. In other situations, plumbing or electrical cut-outs, visible joints, cracks, or seams, can also result in damage that homeowners will want to be repaired quickly and effectively. No matter the origin of your drywall ceiling damage, Father Son Drywall is your go-to for all of your drywall ceiling repair.

• Drywall Patch Repair – In most situations, when a client believes they need a patch repair, they are referring to a very small section of drywall. To be considered a drywall patch, the area should be less than a square foot. Regardless of the size of your drywall patch needs or other wall repairs, Father Son Drywall can repair all sizes of wall damage.

Father Son Drywall Is your Go-To for Any Drywall Repair

When you need drywall repair, Father Son Drywall is you’re go-to for quality and affordable service. We’ve been in the drywall business specializing in drywall repairs and texture matching/blending for over 30 years. Our drywall service is known for our commitment to quality and timely service, honesty, and fair pricing are unmatched.

If you need an estimate for drywall repair, we make it easy for you. Rather than requiring you to make an appointment and then having a contractor come out to investigate the situation in person, we have simplified the process. All you need to do is snap some photos, estimate the size of the repair, identify the texture or take a close-up picture and text the details to 480-294-0809. Our goal is to simplify the process to save you time, cut our costs down which means a more affordable repair for you, and to make the process more convenient for everybody involved. Less time spent driving to estimate projects frees up our time to do more jobs for our customers at better prices. After we review the information you have sent, we will respond with an estimation of the costs for your repair. Of course, as with any repair,
we will conduct further investigation when we arrive to conduct the repair. In the event we find additional repair work needed, or find that the wooden structures behind your walls are damaged, we will discuss with you the best course of action before moving forward.

If you aren’t into texting, don’t worry! You can also email those photos and the other requested information to James@FatherSonDrywall.com. We are happy to provide you with a ballpark estimate for drywall repairs. When we respond with your estimate, you are under no obligation to move forward. As a note, smaller sized drywall repairs usually cost $300 USD or less. Larger drywall repair projects will cost more.

Why You Should Choose Father Son Drywall

Here at Father Son Drywall, we take pride in our ability to truly partner with our clients. From budgets to time schedules, we’re here to work with you. We are dedicated to quality honest service, workmanship, fair pricing, and to building customer relationships that last. We genuinely desire to have your business, love to stand out from the rest, and love when our customers talk about and recommend us because our service was great!

All of our clients are important to us. If ever we have a client that is not completely satisfied, we promise that we will work to make things right. When we catch our mistakes, we fix them, you don’t have to tell us. But if, for example, a joint or seam reappears within the communicated warranty period, we will be back out quickly to make it right.

Our reputation on sites like Yelp shows that we strive to make our customer’s happy! When you need a drywall repair company — give us a call or send us a text at 480-294-0809 or email us at James@FatherSonDrywall.com. We believe that you will quickly see why we’re a great choice. It is our mission to ensure that you are not disappointed.

Father Son Drywall is a Three-Generation Drywall Specialty Company

Father Son Drywall is family owned & operated. We are a third-generation drywall specialty company that was started in 1970 by Paul Hogan. The trade has been passed down in the family, along with the required skills, tips and tricks for success. But not only that, we have kept up with modern improvements in the business and are well skilled in modern and historical drywall design and the requisite repair needs.

Now, Father Son Drywall is operated by Ron Hogan and son James Hogan. On some projects, you will see both Ron and James on site. For larger projects, you’ll work with James and his trusted, highly experienced crew. Our goal here at Father Son Drywall is to consistently grow our company by staying consistent, making improvements (never shortcuts), staying committed to our customers and their satisfaction, modernizing our payment via convenient estimation processes and more.

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